Pumps and Filters

Getting the right kind of pool pump and filter is the most important aspect of a swimming pool and creating the right circulation for your pool shape.

The overall goal of pool circulation system is to cycle the water through the pool filter system, where dirt and debris are removed and water is sanitized and returned to the pool, clean and inviting. The heart of the system is the pool pump which should be sized to match the filter and your pool size.  

We provide a wide range of pumps and filters, as well as installation, to suit your budget from Hayward, Pentair, Onga, Sta-Rite and more. All the pumps and filters come with extended warranties for peace of mind.

We can advise you of the benefits and disadvantages of each type of pump and filter system and recommend the right pump and filter for your pool.

 Consult with us to get the very best in pool filtration and efficiency.