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Pool Service and Maintenance

We provide unparalleled pool service, maintenance and chemical management through experience, customer service, support and knowledge.

No pools are the same so we don’t treat them the same. We discuss your particular situation and craft service and maintenance specific to your pool needs. We tailor our services to your wants and needs to ensure you and your family have the best solution from the best company at a competitive price. 

Swimming pools should always be kept clean and well maintained. If routine maintenance is neglected or not performed correctly, significant damage could result. Our staff at East Coast Pools are pool care specialists and properly trained to perform in-depth pool cleaning service. We keep the swimming pool clean, the water balanced and the equipment well maintained.

Typical pool service comprises of:

  • Test and maintain proper chemical levels of free and total chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium and Cyanic Acid.
  • Empty baskets of leaves and debris (skimmer, pump, cleaner)
  • Removing leaves and debris from pool and skimming surface
  • Brushing of the walls, floor and tile line
  • Pool Vacuuming
  • Backwash Filter and Equipment check
  • Filter Cleaning when need
  • Salt cell cleaning when needed
  • Periodic QA checks
  • Full Reporting and feedback

Countless clients have given feedback as to how much better the pool water feels now they have changed service companies. No dry skin, no sore eyes, no chlorine smell. Let us do the same for you.