Pool Repair, Resurfacing and Liner Replacements

East Coast Pools provide a variety of swimming pool coatings and resurfacing techniques to suit your requirements. Pool resurfacing, restorations, pool renovations and pool coatings that can suit every type of swimming pool. Your are assured your swimming pool will be finished with market leading pool resurfacing and restoration services.

Our specialist team provide cost effective pool resurfacing, renovations, restoration and coatings for concrete, fibreglass and liner pools.

What Pools can you resurface?
No matter what the original surface of your swimming pool is we will be able to apply a suitable surface coating that will transform your old worn out pool back to the centre piece it should be.

Resurfacing Concrete or Tiled Pools
Our specialist team have a number of methods to restore your old concrete pool.

Epoxy Coating - A low cost solution that provides a quick and effective coating.
Fibreglassing - Lots of features and greater benefits to most other pool coating systems.
Fully Tiled - Generally done on concrete swimming pools and is the ultimate in surface finishes.

Resurfacing Fibreglass Pools
Fibreglass pools are best coated with new layers of Fibreglass however we can provide a general Epoxy Coating for a quicker and cheaper alternative.

Resurfacing Vinyl Liner Pools
We provide vinyl liner replacements or you can easily have your pool converted to a high quality Fibreglass pool for a more durable finish and longer lifespan.