Decking and Timberwork

Getting the right kind of pool decking can make a huge difference to the life of the deck. The right decking looks great and lasts a long time if treated properly. Whether you need a complete new deck, repairs to old decking or modifications to an existing we can provide various options for your requirements and budget.

We provide sanding and revarnishing, staining and painting of decking. as well as replacement of old and damaged decking, replacement of entire decks and newly built decks. We install decking right to the edge of the pool to give a seamless look and feel which is flush with the pool edge.

Our team has many years of experience building pool decks in both Australia and Singapore creating a better lifestyle for our clients. The quality of our works extends not only to the type of timber used but the quality of our work using waterproof, rust proof screws and nails which are all countersunk to avoid injuries.

We build pool decking on all kinds of blocks including those with unusual elevations/slopes and interesting pool designs. By incorporating different deck levels you create a unique space, one that can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of your pool.

Contact us to talk about your specific requirements.